Welcome to our resources page, which is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and support on rights-related issues. Here, we present an introduction to important resources that aim to educate and promote awareness about various human rights topics.

Resource video that provides an introduction to the Charter and democratic process.

A resource by the Canadian government with information about the purpose of each section of the Charter.

Learn about the outcomes of the cases that have changed Canadian society.

Learn more about human rights in Canada and how discrimination and harassment are defined according to The Canadian Human Rights Act.

Learn more about The Manitoba Human Rights Commission, an independent agency that is responsible for administering The Manitoba Human Rights Code.

The Public Interest Law Centre represents groups and individuals on issues concerning the environment, human rights, Indigenous people, consumers and low-income persons.

Alphabetical list of all entities to which the Manitoba government makes appointments.

A list of noteworthy tribunals in Manitoba, including a brief description of their roles, links to relevant legislation, concise procedural requirements, and information about fees.

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