Project Archive

Welcome to The Rights Clinic at Robson Hall Project Archive! Here, you will find a comprehensive list of our impactful projects that have been at the forefront of championing human rights and social justice. Our archive showcases the remarkable work of students and clinic supervisors who have dedicated themselves to creating positive change in the world.

Summer 2023

Legal Information for Inmates

In partnership with The Prison Libraries Committee

scales of justice on desk with notebooks and gavel.

Legislative Scan for Prison Libraries in Canada

In partnership with The Prison Libraries Committee

books in a cell

Winter 2023

Awareness Campaign About Healthcare Issues

Focused mainly on religious symbols in hospitals

Health worker holding a religious symbol.

Research Project

Addressing issues about using public school spaces after school hours by outside organizations.

chars assembled in lines in a school gym.

Environmental Project

Focused on anti-SLAPP legislation

protest poster stating climate justice.

Fall 2022

Non-Disclosure Agreement Project

Focused on seeking to regulate the use of NDAs in Manitoba, especially in relation to sexual abuse cases.

non-disclosure document with a pen

Research Project

Addressing rights-related issues concerning organizations receiving government grants.

Manitoba legislative building showing the Golden Boy

Universal Basic Income Project

 Addressing its benefits from a rights issue perspective

Canadian money